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Audax Therapeutics

Next generation anti-inflammatory drugs

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EPAC1: The Holy Grail Target In Inflammatory Disorders

We are a team of experienced innovators with a passionate belief that current treatment for inflammatory disorders is not good enough.
Through our research, we have developed an approach to treat what we think is the most exciting new target in inflammation. 
Treating the silent epidemic of inflammation is what we think about 24/7 and we will not rest until patients get the treatment options they deserve.

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Small molecule EPAC activators

Audax’ compounds have exhibited broad anti-inflammatory effects in vitro, by their highly specific targeting of EPAC1

  • Almost every common chronic disease has an inflammatory component

  • Much of the inflammatory activity is associated with over activity of IL-6 (interleukin 6)

  •  IL-6 activity can be suppressed by the enzyme EPAC1

  • Our current focus is inflammation and fibrosis in pulmonary tissues

  • Future applications are likely to include vascular inflammation and ocular fibrosis

The company is focussed on developing inhaled compounds targeting pulmonary fibrosis

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